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Comment: I, for the past 5 years have...

nancy l guenthner started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Info: Foundation Grants, Charity..."

I, for the past 5 years have had two mini-strokes, much weakness on my left side, tingling and numbness in my left foot, left leg, and left arm. The three neurological teams I have had examine me, treat me, and perform a variety of tests such as MRI's, CT scans, and x-rays are unable to put their finger on the problem. I am in need of going to mayo clinic, however I do not have monies for airfare, and lodging. The medical services I have health insurance for, however, not for the airfare and lodging. I am just asking for individuals to assist me in the airfare and lodging expenses. I will be happy to supply you with factual evidence of an appointment made with mayo clinic, quotes of airfare and lodging, personal and professional references, and the mri and ct scan reports. Thank you for your care and concern. Sinerely, Nancy L. Guenthner e-mail:
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